Outsource Blogging – 8 Steps To Find A Quality Writer

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  • October 31, 2014
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I don’t have time for blogging! Who does? Writers, that’s who. It is time to outsource blogging.

There are so many copywriters, editors, journalists who are talented, well trained, educated and capable of writing for you, on your behalf.

Yes, you read that right. There really are people who can write for you.

“But how can they write for my business when they don’t know my business, they don’t know what I know and what I do?”

That’s their job. Part of the role of writing is researching.

They have to learn about you, your business, the service, the topic – whatever they are writing about. First they’ll research, then they’ll write. A good writer will even learn the tone of your writing, the language you use and eventually they’ll even sound like you.

How do you find a writer?

There are many options. The fastest and most cost effective way is to seek one on a freelancing platform such as elanceodesk or freelancer.

Step 1 – Create an Account

Choose your platform of choice and open an account. You will have to add a payment option because once you hire someone you will have to pay them.

Step 2 – Post a Job

Write a job description which describes what you’re looking for, the skills you require, the values which are most important to you. Include specific details and remember – the quality of your job description will contribute to the quality of your applicants.

Step 3 – Wait! 

It won’t be long and Job Applicants will start to come through. Don’t be alarmed by the range in price, skills and pushiness of applicants.

Step 4 – Screen Your Candidates

Set yourself criteria that is essential and hide any applicants who do not respond to your application personally, meet your essential requirements, or have a low star/ranking value.

There are a couple of things I look for specifically –

* I start by hiding everyone below 4.8 star rating, then
* I hide anyone who’s response has broken English or bad grammar,
* I give preference to a personalised response, rather than cut n paste.

Normally this only leaves a few.

Step 5 – Have a Conversation With Your Short Listed Applicants

With the applicants who are still remaining, I’d have a brief skype chat, typed not spoken, so I can check their writing, language, grammar etc.

Normally by then a couple stand out.

Step 6 – Ask Them For An Example

I’d then advise the final remaining candidates that you’re looking for someone to build an ongoing arrangement with and you have a couple of candidates who are in the running. You can ask if they’d write a short article to help you choose the right person. Maybe give them a headline or topic. The ones who are committed will do it and the decision should be quite easy when you read their work.

Step 7 – Proceed Cautiously

Initially articles should be submitted to you for comment. Provide feedback to your writer. Remember you are building a relationship. Quality feedback will result in quality outcomes. A good writer will learn from your feedback and the quality of your articles will improve with every one.

Step 8 – Give Control With Confidence

Once articles are coming to you and the amount of feedback is minimal, you are ready to put a more permanent arrangement in place. Give you writer login details for your blog, give them a day/time you want your blogs to be posted and relax knowing you are now producing content regularly.


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