Google Announce Panda 4.1 Now Rolling Out

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  • October 4, 2014
Google Panda

Last month, we informed you about the 2014 SEO ranking factors compiled by SearchMetrics, which highlighted something that many of us have known for quite a while: great content really has to be a core component of any SEO strategy.


Google, in their eternal quest to improve the overall search experience for users, have just announced that their latest algorithm update – which has been dubbed Panda 4.1 – is now rolling out. The news was posted on the Google+ page of Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Pierre Far at the end of last month.




The update is designed to identify low quality content more easily and according to the Google+ post, it will affect between 3-5% of search queries.


The most exciting part of this latest update is that it will inevitably mean “a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites” will appear higher in the search rankings – potentially great news if you are a business owner who is committed to creating high quality, original content.


However, as has become tradition with every Google algorithm update, a number of big winners and big losers have emerged.


The SearchMetrics team have been following the update’s impact closely and this recent blog post of theirs outlines the overall winners and losers.


We’ve extracted the top 10 from each of their lists for ease-of-reference:






So as you can see, some sites have had a huge boost in traffic since the update started rolling out and others have seen a drastic drop. However, as always, we need to stress that correlation does not equal causation. Therefore, while the Panda update will have definitely made an impact, it may not be the sole reason for these latest statistics.


In conclusion, it seems that this latest Panda update has hit content portals and sites with thin content the most; basically, those sites that do not publish original content. The sites that do, however, such as and, have been rewarded for their high quality, original content.


Have you noticed a boost or drop in traffic recently? We’d love to hear about your personal experiences following this latest Panda update.


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