Pinterest’s New Partnership with Apple Poses a Real Threat to Facebook

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  • March 19, 2015

Despite being five years old now (where did that time go!?), it’s Pinterest’s latest partnership with Apple that could be the biggest threat yet to other social networking sites, such as Facebook.

Traditionally, Pinterest users could only pin photos, but now the social network has introduced app pins, which allow direct links to iOS apps to be pinned to boards. This subtle upgrade could lead to Pinterest becoming an app discovery network and not just a visually-pleasing social phenomenon.

The partnership between the two tech giants is exciting and will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the overall success of Apple’s app store. Pinterest will benefit too from the new association as its users will be able to find more suitable apps more quickly and easily.

One of the most innovative additions to come out of the partnership is Pinterest’s new corkboard feature. It allows you to save app links in your browser and revisit them later, even after shutting down your computer. Users can also seamlessly install apps directly from Pinterest using the ‘install’ button in the corner, which takes them straight to the Apple app store.

But why should this new alliance threaten Facebook’s social media stranglehold? The answer is because of the power of advertising.

Facebook has long used adverts to stay afloat, whereas Pinterest has only just really started exploring them as a monetisation method. The support that the active partnership with Apple affords could lead to advertisers choosing Pinterest over Facebook – especially companies who offer apps.

In fact, Facebook shareholders have long been warned about the emergence of Pinterest as a magnet for advertising, due to its visual basis.

If your business isn’t already leveraging Pinterest for social media interactions, maybe it’s time you checked it out and started getting to grips with its interface.

The partnership between Pinterest and Apple further highlights the need for diversity in your social media marketing strategy.

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