Practice makes perfect!

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  • March 4, 2013

Do you ever wonder how people stand in front of a camera, speak casually and informatively and post it to YouTube?

Let me tell you they weren’t necessarily born with that confidence or that capability. We all have fears and inhibitions about getting in front of a camera. In fact I come across lots of people who have the same fear whether there’s a camera or not.

For some people just the question “what do you do?” is enough to put them in a spin.

It’s okay, that’s something lots of us feel and it has a lot to do with the fact that nobody teaches us how to answer that question. And so we go about answering in the way we think works and we receive lots of blank looks and disinterest, or we have people give us feedback on how we could improve our business. Eventually we lose our confidence and we decide it’s easier to say nothing!

But, when in business that is not a great solution. We recently did a workshop in Wollongong to work through a process and understand the best way to introduce ourselves, with a technique that keeps the listeners attention. I then put the challenge to attendees to record themselves and send it to me.

A couple of people jumped off the cliff and did it. Glenn Mudge from Smith and Sons North Wollongong did it, by the deadline and uploaded it to YouTube so a big congratulations to Glenn.

It isn’t easy and getting it right takes time but a big congratulations to Glenn on making a strong and positive start.

You can watch Glenn’s video below and if you would like to come along to this workshop in the future please let us know



Talk soon.

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