Sensis Report: Social Media Reaches Further Into Australian Lives

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  • May 22, 2013
social media use in australia

Here are the facts: Australians are becoming more comfortable using the Internet for many of their daily activities; small businesses are steadily growing their social media presence on the Internet, and increasing their engagement with potential customers and clients on the digital platform. This is according to the 2013 Yellow Social Media Report recently released by Sensis.

The survey, conducted between February to April of this year, was participated by almost 2000 operators of Australian small and medium enterprises (SME) and 1000 Internet consumers who are actively using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Australians Are Now More Active on Social Media

The survey results showed that social media activity among Australians has increased to 65%, with 45% of users logging in daily to check their accounts. The online shopping landscape has grown to 58%, compared to 40% last year. SME’s on the other hand, improved their business activities on the Internet to 30%, up from last year’s 25%.

There was one particularly interesting figure in the survey result that analysts say poses a huge potential to affect the social media landscape further, in that 76% of active Internet users make use of their Smartphones to access their online accounts and share information with their friends, even while in remote locations.  This means that many Australians get online whenever and wherever they are, for as long as they have mobile access.

Embracing online communication and social media activity has also shown tangible effects in relation to consumer behaviour, as they are now learning to:

  • Read online reviews before making purchases
  • Check LinkedIn profiles and credentials of brands, companies, experts and influencers.
  • Browse Facebook or Twitter activities of the brand or company to see what else they can get from it.

How SME’s Can Take Advantage

As social media is becoming part of an Australian consumer’s daily routine, companies must be able to tap into this market to create more sales or consumer loyalty. The problem the survey found was that at least 29% of brands using social media still have no clear goals or strategies for utilizing the platform or connecting with consumers. Analysts suggest that more focus should be placed in community management, rather than increasing followers or fan-base, as 27% of consumers are more likely to change their impression or stick with the brand when they see how they treat their followers online.

The report also showed that 60% of users choose to follow a brand’s social media account because of engagements like holding contests, offering discounts and other store tie-ins. The right strategies that will promote community activity and response can equate to business success in the online market.

Other interesting data from the report:

  • 95% of internet users are on Facebook
  • 20% of internet users are on LinkedIn
  • 15% of internet users are on Instagram
  • 34% use social media when they are at work
  • 42% check their accounts before sleeping
  • 37% check their accounts as soon as they get up in the morning
  • 6% check their accounts when they are in the toilet

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