business owner frustrated by social media“Social media is wasting my time”, “I hate doing it”, or “I spend more time thinking about what to do and looking at other peoples updates than I do my own” ….

If any of these statements sound like you, it is time to outsource your social media management.

Let’s face it, social media management is not every bodies cup of tea. Some people like to write and create, others don’t. That’s not a negative thing, it’s just fact. So why should the people who don’t enjoy or do it well spend their time doing it?

They shouldn’t. They are better off spending their time working on the things they do best, making money and running their business.

How can somebody else “do social media for your business”? Click here and I’ll answer that over here for you.


We can assist as your Social Media Managers.


We can do the following tasks on your behalf:

  • creat your Facebook page
  • set up a Twitter account
  • establishing a Google + page and location
  • blogging
  • writing and distributing news to your clients


Well managed and strategic social media will also contribute to the visibility of your website ranking. In fact, social media is a major contributor to the search engine ranking of your website – making your social media strategy all the more important.


Affordable Social Media Management Packages


We offer social media packages to suit your budget and your goals. Starting from as little as $220/month.

To determine whether we are a good fit for your business, let’s discuss!


Click here to book a suitable time for a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session. We’ll review your current situation, make recommendations and advise how we can assist you.