Social Advertising Best Practice Guideline

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  • September 10, 2013

Did you know that there is an organisation that monitors and regulates business advertising on the Internet? The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a worldwide body that sets industry standards through researchers that relate to online advertising. Several media outlets from all over the world, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, are members of the IAB. The IAB educates marketers, agencies, media companies and businesses about the value of online advertising. This large organisation is also well recognised in Australia. IAB-Australia is the peak association for online advertising in Australia and provide an abundance of resources and best practice guidelines for several industries.

Recently, IAB-Australia has released its Social Advertising Best Practice Guideline”, which consists of recommendations on how local brands, businesses big or small, and marketing groups should operate using social media platforms.

As social media is getting bigger and gaining more significance to the way businesses operate today, these guidelines were set to provide IAB members with good marketing strategies to maximise the medium used. The recommendations are supposed to help businesses widen its reach, or enhance its relationships with the consumer, and also promote relevancy and significance. In the same manner, the guidelines were also set to protect consumer privacy.

The guidelines discuss aspects of POE media — where P stands for Paid, O stands of Owned and E stands for Earned, which I’ll explain further in a later article.

The guidelines also point out common practices that businesses can adapt so that there is structure to its marketing strategies and objectives, including:

  • the planning of social media content
  • understanding and measuring framework
  • use of data, with respect to consumer privacy
  • evaluating legal responsibilities

Social media advertising offers a lot of potential and delivers results. But there’s also plenty of risk as a result of exposing your brand on the Internet. Reading, and most importantly, assessing the guidelines set by the IAB, will be of huge help to how your business’ online presence and influence is enhanced.  Learning the proper tools would also benefit businesses in the handling of liabilities that go with being an online brand.

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