Francine Bishop trainingFrancine Bishop is an experienced and respected trainer and is available to get your organisation up-to-date and united in your approach to using social media for business purposes.

Before training is undertaken Francine will familiarise herself with your organisation. Her training fee includes customised training materials to suit your training objectives. In doing so Francine is able to prepare industry and situation specific examples and case studies.

An important part of social media training is to ensure all attendees leave with a good understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by social media, and are clear on the organisation’s guidelines on managing these.

Our social media training is designed to meet your organisation’s needs.

Speak to us for more information.

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Workshop Samples

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This workshop provides an understanding of what, why and how to use social media. It is a great precursor to our How to Use Social Media workshop. Participants will learn: What is social media and how does it really work? How can social media help our business? What’s important when I set-up? What is relevant and important to say online? How do I maximise my time spent on social media? What will I get out of it and how do I measure it?
This workshop is a “how-to” style workshop designed to teach participants how to navigate around social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter and Linked In). Delegates will understand what they’re looking at and why they’re seeing it. How to write an update and how to get it noticed. How to engage in conversations with others to establish and build relationships.
This workshop takes participants through a strategic planning process to develop a cohesive content plan. We then move into blog writing and discuss the best structure and approach to writing engaging and informative posts. Then we have to get the blog posts noticed – so we learn how to do this in a concise and time effective manner.
Facebook has an enormous volume of people using it daily and every organisation can benefit from the exposure available to them. This course takes delegates through an indepth look into Facebook to understand how it works, what they’re seeing and how the organisation can achieve sales through Facebook.
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