South Australian Courts Now Using Twitter for Legal Updates

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  • July 7, 2015

So many people are under the illusion that having a social media strategy simply isn’t necessary for their business. They’ve never had one before and always done okay, so why bother now? Furthermore, their business isn’t one that has a heavy online presence, which makes social media totally superfluous, right?


No matter what your business and regardless of your customer base, social media can have a positive influence and help you engage with your audience more effectively.

Take, for example, the fact that South Australian courts are now using Twitter to communicate with the wider community on various legal matters. It’s not a scenario that immediately springs to mind when you think about social media usage, but it’s definitely one that highlights the medium’s versatility.

Apparently, the Courts Administration Authority (CAA) will tweet using the @CourtsinSA Twitter handle and communicate various issues via the social platform.

Image credit: Twitter

Image credit: Twitter

Chief Justice Chris Kourakis said: “In time we expect to tweet public announcements, updates to rule changes and other legal matters, job vacancies and administrative matters, as well as papers and other material not necessarily produced by the court but of interest and relevance to the legal profession and community, about developments in justice.”

As you would expect, the Twitter account will not be used for legal advice and Twitter’s messaging system will not replace the current ways in which people can contact the courts.

It will, however, be used to retweet information from the Twitter accounts of other organisations and individuals that are considered relevant in the legal domain.

It’s a fantastic example of how an organisation, which doesn’t naturally have an online calling, are utilising social media to improve their communication and disseminate information more efficiently.

So the next time you think your business doesn’t need a social media presence, or that it wouldn’t be that beneficial, think again.

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