The important (and often underestimated) role of ‘chat apps’ for customer service

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  • May 24, 2017

Consumers today aren’t as patient as their counterparts from yesteryear. The eCommerce boom has meant more people than ever before and from all different walks of life are embracing online shopping.

But as the popularity of online shopping has increased, so too have people’s expectations. That’s why your business website needs to be responsive, fast and secure at the very least. If it’s not, your customers will inevitably head over to your competitors.

And a big part of the eCommerce boom can be attributed to the popularity and pervasiveness of smartphones and the chat apps that can be installed on them. They allow consumers to immediately communicate with a diverse range of individuals and organisations all over the world.

As a result, today’s consumers now consider these instant communication methods to be the norm, which is why your business absolutely needs to be embracing them.

The bottom line is that your business cannot afford to miss the opportunity to engage with your customers (and prospects) on the very channels they’re spending a significant proportion of their time on.

Chat apps, such as Facebook Messenger, are the ideal platforms to connect with your customers and have more intimate, one-on-one conversations that strengthen your personal relationships with them.

Your customers and prospects want to feel loved at every stage of their customer journey and messaging apps enable you to take your customer service to the next level and actually achieve customer engagement. The more you can connect with your audiences on a personal level, the more loyalty you’ll receive from them and that, in theory, equates to more sales.

The key is to not treat messaging apps as a mere fad or think of them as just the latest trend that’s not going to last. Think of them as tools that can help facilitate direct engagement with your consumers.

So, the next time one of your customers contacts you via Facebook Messenger, use that opportunity to talk with them and don’t, whatever you do, refer them to your “traditional” customer service channels.

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