The Importance of Local SEO in 2015

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  • December 22, 2014

Christmas is just days away and that means the New Year is fast approaching. But while many of you will be winding down over the next week, the world of digital marketing never takes a holiday and the Christmas period presents many opportunities for businesses.

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And with a new year comes many more opportunities to fine tune your own digital marketing efforts in 2015.

But one area of search engine marketing that businesses often neglect or downplay the importance of local SEO – in particular, Google Maps and directory services like Yelp.

Often, all the focus is on creating great website content and trying to rank it highly. But when you’re competing for keywords with some of the Internet’s biggest companies, your efforts can sometimes be in vain.

Therefore, embracing local SEO and the various directory services that are out there should be one of your top priorities.

[tweetthis]SEO may never result in page 1 ranking for highly competitive keywords. Local  listings and directories are a great option.[/tweetthis]

Take a look at this quick screenshot from Google that shows the top results for the search term ‘bakery Shellharbour':


The top 3 results are ALL directory services. Furthermore, what the screenshot doesn’t show is that to the right of these results is a large Google map pinpointing various bakeries in Shellharbour.

In fact, the entire first page of search results is dominated by directory service listings and Google Map results. Only one business manages to make it onto the first page and they are occupying the very last available spot.

Given this information does it not scream to you about the importance of local SEO and directory listings?

How many of your potential customers are going to scroll to say the second or third or even forth page of results to find your business? The answer is not many.

So, if you haven’t done so already, get your business on Google for FREE with Google My Business and claim your business page.

Failure to do these two simple things could mean that you miss out on A LOT of potential customers in 2015.

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