Training Room Terms and Conditions

Bookings Held and Initial Deposit

Confirmation of booking represents acceptance of Terms and Conditions. Receipt of deposit secures the booking. Deposit payable is:

  1. $100 (excl gst) per day (for bookings with more than 2 consecutive days) OR
  2. full payment for 1 day or less.

This deposit is required within 14 days of booking. Mayvin Training reserves the right to cancel the booking and reallocate the training room if the deposit has not been received. At the time of confirming your bookings, details of a valid credit card must be provided as security and final payment for your event unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement.

Bookings will be confirmed upon successful processing of your deposit payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard or cash. If you choose to pay the deposit using any other method of payment ie direct deposit, cheque, EFT etc, the booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of cleared funds in our account.

Confirmation and Deposit

Full payment of booking fee is due no later than 48 hours prior to the booking.

Last Minute Bookings

In the event of a training room booking taking place within 2 days of the booking we require full payment. The deposit becomes non refundable and non transferable.


Deposit and/or prior payments are fully refundable if a cancellation is advised in writing up to seven (7) days prior to the event date. If a cancellation is advised within two (2) days of the booking date, the Deposit is non refundable.

For any cancellation advised within 48 hours of the booked date, no refunds will be given and all monies agreed as room hire fees are due and payable.


Outside catering is permitted in the Training Room. You may not bring alcohol into the premises without prior permission.


The facilitator agree to arrive and vacate the training room at the agreed specified times. A surcharge may be applied should the event not adhere to the agreed times.


The attachment of banners, signs and posters to any wall surfaces, the use of pins, nails or tape is not permitted. Any damage caused to the Training Room whilst being used by the organiser, facilitator or delegates is the financial responsibility of the organiser/hirer. This will be discussed with the function organiser within 2 working days following the conclusion of the conference. Any advertisement material that you may use and not limited to banners, signs and posters should be your sole responsibility. The placement of all such advertisement materials that you intend to use during your event should be discussed with us and prior permission should be sought.

We reserve the sole right to disallow usage of any advertisement materials without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

Advertising/promotional material is not permitted outside the premises and may result in penalties from local council.

Cleaning and Setup

It is the responsibility of the organiser/hirer to setup the room, and return the room to the same state as when they arrive. Including cleaning and removing rubbish, turning off lights and air-conditioning, re-arranging furniture and locking the premises.


Mayvin Training does not accept responsibility for the damage and safe keeping of any goods or personal property brought to the building before, during or after the event. It is the organiser/hirer’s responsibility to arrange adequate insurance to cover such items. In addition, it should be noted that all personal property of the conference facilitator/organiser (s) and delegates is the sole responsibility of the organiser/hirer.