Tumblr for Business: What You Need to Know

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  • December 3, 2014

We recently told you about Tumblr’s snowballing popularity and the position it finds itself in as the fastest-growing social platform right now. But when it comes to businesses, Tumblr is somewhat of an enigma and its slightly quirky nature means that many haven’t embraced it.

So what is Tumblr?

It’s basically a social network, multimedia sharing platform and micro blogging site rolled into one. Tumblr users share everything from short Twitter-style updates to photos that would usually adorn Facebook walls. There’s also the ability to write lengthy blog posts and upload videos.

Tumblr users can like or reblog a post – the former similar to a Facebook like and the latter akin to a Twitter retweet. It’s these features that inevitably get posts noticed and help them go viral.

It’s important to realise that Tumblr, unlike many other social networks, is built on strong community spirit. Therefore, if you want to leverage it as a brand, you need to respect this fact.

Most Tumblr users are young (half its user base are under 25 apparently) and so much of the content tends to be humorous and lends itself well to sharing. Tumblr users are also very supportive of one another and it’s not uncommon to see advice posts about more serious issues from time-to-time.

The key to Tumblr is understanding its sense of community and figuring out where your brand fits in with that. Try not to act like a brand but instead create a personality that Tumblr users can relate to.

If you can come across as genuine and command respect from the Tumblr community then your efforts will ultimately be rewarded.

There are, of course, paid advertising options available to businesses on Tumblr: sponsored posts, radar posts and trending blogs. All of which you can find out more about in Tumblr’s Ad Specs document.

Tumblr is a particularly attractive social platform for brands whose target audience is that bit younger. Just be sure to spend some time getting to know the community and build a rapport with it before anything else.

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