Twitter adds teams functionality to mobile app

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  • September 13, 2017

Twitter is making it easier for business teams to manage their brand profile on the go, without having to share the company account’s password.

The Teams feature on Tweetdeck is being extended to encompass the Twitter Android and iOS apps, enabling individuals to login with their own accounts and seamlessly access a¬†shared business account. It’s a similar setup to the way Facebook allows individuals to manage a business page from their own profiles and not have to login as the business account.

Here’s how you can configure the feature for your team:

1. Login to Tweetdeck using your business login (the login you want to share with other team members).

2. Click ‘Accounts’ in the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

3. Now click¬†Team @[username] and enter the usernames of the people who you would like to grant access to your business account to in the ‘Add a team member’ field.

4. Confirm you’ve added the right account and click ‘Authorize’ to confirm.

5. The person you’ve added will then receive an email advising them, as well as a push notification in their Twitter mobile app.

6. Once the new team member has accepted the invitation, they can start using the shared account from their Twitter mobile app by switching to the relevant brand handle.

This new functionality is available now and will undoubtedly be welcomed by many businesses. Not only does it negate the need to give out the corporate Twitter account’s password, but it also allows fast switching for team members between their personal accounts and the business one.

The only potential danger could be if a team member mistakenly tweets from the business account when they thought they were logged into their personal account. Although once people get used to the functionality, we’re sure that won’t happen…

For more information about the new feature, check out the Twitter Help Center.

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