Twitter Analytics Now Available To Everyone

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  • September 2, 2014
twitter analytics

It seems that analytics is the flavour of the month in the social media world. First, Pinterest unveiled their new analytical platform, which provides information relating to traffic and engagement metrics; audience insights; and even advice for driving further engagement.


Now it’s Twitter’s turn to jump on the statistical bandwagon and it has done so by opening its analytics dashboard to everyone.


Twitter Analytics, as it’s known, is a tool that some verified users and advertisers have been utilising for a couple of months now. Similar in functionality to Google Analytics, Twitter’s offering boasts everything you would want in an analytical tool.


There’s the ability to see how many impressions a particular tweet has received; the number of times it’s been marked as a favourite; number of profile clicks; and, of course, the number of replies and retweets. Furthermore, you can see engagement levels in terms of the number and type of engagement.


News of Twitter’s decision to open up the platform for everyone was, quite rightly, communicated in a tweet by one of their engineers:


twitter analytics


There are, however, a few criteria to meet before you can start taking advantage of Twitter Analytics. Your account needs to have been open for at least 14 days and cannot be restricted, suspended or protected.  Also, the majority of your tweets need to be in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.


This is a great step in the right direction for Twitter and its users. Previously, non-advertisers had to rely on third-party tools for their metrics. By offering a bespoke platform, Twitter are sending a definitive message that they are more than capable of meeting their users’ needs.


Twitter Analytics is great for brands and individuals who want to understand the numbers behind their tweets. Your ‘average’ Twitter user though may not be excited by this development but we certainly are.


The Twitter Analytics dashboard can be accessed at and there is a new Twitter Help Center page dedicated to the tool, which provides further information and FAQs.


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