Two Facebook algorithm updates you should know about

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  • March 29, 2017

Like Google, Facebook updates its algorithms on a regular basis – usually to “improve the user experience” (like Google). And while these algorithm updates happen frequently and there’s nothing you can do about them, it’s worth understanding how they can potentially affect your business pages.

With more than 1.23 billion active daily users, Facebook is a behemoth. The sheer amount of content that goes through the platform on a daily basis is phenomenal! That’s why the social network needs to ensure it is constantly tweaking its offering to deliver the most relevant and timely content to its users.

Here are two changes you should take note of:

Checking for more authentic content

News feeds always have (and always will) be personal. Therefore, when ranking the relevance of posts, Facebook looks at how someone interacts with their friends and pages they’ve liked.

For example, if someone regularly ‘likes’ one of their friend’s posts, those posts will surface towards the top of their news feed in the future. The same goes for posts by business pages.

If enough Facebook users hide certain posts, they will be marked ‘inauthentic’, and appear lower down in people’s news feeds as a result. The goal is to improve the amount of ‘authentic’ content and force business pages to post stuff that’s relevant and informative.

A real-time news feed

Facebook is now judging content on how much real-time interest it garners. For example, a particular post may relate to a recent event, news item or trending topic and receive a lot of likes/shares as a result. Posts like this will also appear higher in people’s news feeds.

While it’s almost impossible to satisfy both of these algorithm updates with every post, it does give you something to think about as a Facebook marketer/individual who is promoting their business on the social network.

The bottom line is that you should always be thinking about why your audience needs to hear whatever it is you’re posting.

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