Do you take constructive feedback onboard?

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  • April 5, 2013

I have always been a big believer that constructive feedback can be very productive. But sometimes the discomfort of receiving criticism can make the feedback far from constructive.

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During a workshop about website design this week some of the course participants offered some constructive feedback. Let me put that in context – I was conducting a training course and using my website for a demo. That is always risky as you know you are opening yourself to the critical eye of others (on a big screen). One particular delegate promptly raised her hand to point out that my website was not revealing the type of information which I was telling them to show on their websites …. and so she should!

I always make a bit of a joke when I know I have things that need to be done and haven’t got around to doing them. I use the painter who’s house isn’t painted analogy but it isn’t really acceptable and I know that!

The comments were absolutely right and something I had been well aware of since the website design launched – however many months ago. Changing some images and making some adjustments has been on my list of things to do ever since, but ……….. I hadn’t made the time to do it.

So it is with much gratitude that I took that feedback and put it to the top of the to-do list. I have now made some improvements and I am much more confident that visitors to our website will get a much clearer picture of what we do, what we can help them with, and what our customers think about us.

Another key learning for me – always take the energy you feel when you receive constructive feedback and turn it into productive actions.

I’d love your feedback – do you understand what it is that Mayvin Training does?

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