What is the biggest mistake when using Pinterest?

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  • July 30, 2013

pinterest for business

Pinterest is one of the newest kids on the block and questions are popping up about how useful it is for business, whether it is relevant for every businesses, and how businesses can utilise it to create exposure.

If you are already familiar with these things then you will know visitors go to Pinterest looking for inspiration, help, tips and Pinners are using it to share valuable information, inspiration, ideas, tips and tools with their network.

Is Pinterest really useful for business?

The visual appeal of Pinterest means it provides an enjoyable experience for visitors as they browse and share. The value to business is it’s viral nature. People love to share and when they do they are increasing visibility and exposure for the “pinner”. Simply clicking like increases the number of people to see that particular image and consequently may attract attention, more likes and more exposure.

A business with “pretty products” or visual uniqueness can leverage Pinterest very well. Service based businesses and businesses selling products which are not so easily displayed in a two dimensional picture have to be more creative in their use of Pinterest to achieve the same level of success, but it is equally possible.

Remember, internet browsers are going to Pinterest searching for information or spending leisure time browsing. Success relies mostly on interaction ie. liking, commenting and sharing, so by Pinning likeable and shareable content you will see your exposure grow.

Interact to Increase Interaction

You should also give to receive. Be a contributing member of Pinterest by interacting with others and you will increase your own visibility. As you become increasingly visible you will also begin to build familiarity with your brand and with that recognition comes a degree of trust. Trust will eventually build into a relationship and it is then that you will be in a more effective position to convert to customers.

Pin Regularly

Success with social media comes over time. There are no set and forget solutions and you cannot create a Pinterest account and expect that to be enough to attract customers. Like other social media platforms, there is a lot of content being added and your pins can very quickly become a thing of the past and lost in the online noise.

You have to pin regularly. You should make Pinterest part of your regular online activities and visit on a consistent basis. Adding new content, sharing images from other pages and interacting regularly is the key to being noticed.

Where are people going wrong with Pinterest?

Pinning is a rather novelty activity. It’s meant to be fun and a creative way to share thoughts, inspiration and images. Therefore as “pinners” we tend to jump in and upload images. Unfortunately for business owners this may be useless and a waste of time. You see if you upload an image into Pinterest and someone finds it and clicks on the image, the image will open. The real power comes with one more click – upon clicking the viewer is taken to the source of the image. Even if someone repins your image, so they pin it on their pinboards, the source of the image remains linked. So, for example, the image is a product you sell and by clicking on the image they are taken to your website and can potentially order the product. If the image is uploaded directly to Pinterest, there is no source and therefore Pinterest cannot easily bring traffic to your website.

Therefore EVERY image you pin to your pinboards should be pinned from your website, your blog or maybe a Facebook page. That way you can easily attract traffic to your website … and as an added bonus the search engines see multiple relevant links into your website for your keywords.

I’ll post more about how to post later so you’ll have to come back :)

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