Where Can I Buy Stock Images?

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  • August 31, 2014
where to buy stock images

When I find great resources I have to share them. Here is one I came across recently on Facebook that I absolutely love and I’m sure you’re going to appreciate too! Let’s put this one under the microscope :)


Where can I get images?


This is a question I am often asked. There are lots of sites where you can buy stock images. One of my favourite in the past was Dreamstime. I did a quick calculation and I’ve spent roughly $450 there to buy 69 images. That equates to $6.50 per image on average. That was very reasonable … until now.


My new favourite is the Dollar Photo Club.


Images are $1. They’re high resolution and royalty free so you can use them on your website, brochures, on social media and all for $1 each.


I expected the images to be low quality, limited options or to find an upsell. Not so far! A huge range of high quality images is all that I’ve found so found.


I am very impressed and happy to recommend the Dollar Photo Club.







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