Why Are Australian Businesses Losing Sales?

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  • March 22, 2013

This week I attended an NBN Digital Enterprise session at Kiama Community College called  ‘E-Tail – The Vision. I think some of the other people who attended were shocked by some of the statistics presented by  the speaker Natalie Viselli from Digital Business.

The percentage of people using the internet is mind-blowing. Even more staggering is the number of mobile phones, particularly smart phones and the predicted growth in the very near future. We are moving toward a time where many (if not most) people will be searching on their phones. But they won’t be just searching they will be shopping – making all sorts of purchases and conducting all sorts of transactions on their phones.

As I was listening to Natalie and she revealed statistics that well under 50% of businesses have any online presence at all, it got me thinking. Why are so many businesses not online yet? Is it fear of the unknown? Could it be they believe they can’t afford it? Do they really think it isn’t necessary?

I really would love to know the answer to these questions because it really baffles me.

We know the majority of people are searching online and by not being there they are effectively …… invisible! That’s awful and can’t possibly be good for business. I worry that companies overseas are benefitting from the reluctance of Australian businesses. I worry that we’re not doing anything to prevent losing sales. I hear lots of people complaining, worried about their future so why aren’t we (businesses collectively) taking action?

There are so many things a business owner can do to ensure they have an online presence. There are so many pieces of the puzzle and they aren’t all expensive or time consuming. I hope to be able to get that message out to more businesses. I hope in the future I can assist many more businesses to get the courage they need to overcome whatever it is that has been holding them back.

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