Got questions?

Let me see if we can answer some of those for you.

Who is the trainer?

The training will all be carried out by Francine Bishop. Francine is recognised for her ability to simplify otherwise complex concepts. Francine is the author of Social Media Evolution – a no nonsense strategy to attract customers to your regional business, and she has extensive experience in training and online marketing and has worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their online visibility. Francine has been a leading trainer in two Government funded programs and worked with 6 Councils to deliver training and support to small businesses.

Will I work one-on-one with the trainer?

All training will be undertaken in a group environment. We believe in the power of bringing a group of like-minded people together. However the monthly question and answer sessions will provide the opportunity to have your individual questions answered, and have laser focus on your business and your challenges. We share these sessions, although offering private advice, because we know others will be experiencing the same challenges. Maximum learning in the minimum time is always our goal and focus.

How much time will this program require?

The training will be concise and targeted for regional small businesses. But the truth is there is work to be done.

In the first month we will spend 2 full days together doing a lot of the ground work.

Every month thereafter we spend a day together taking action. There will be webinars and question and answer sessions in between. You will have the option to attend these sessions live or watch/listen to the recordings. That’s 8 days of workshops, 12 webinars/q&a sessions, group and expert support and guidance. From each session YOU have to do the work! Implementation is the key. Some months will require more effort on your part than others but I’d suggest you commit to a minimum 8 – 12 hours for implementation every month. You must go into this program expecting to work on your business, and doing whatever it takes.

Is this program right for your business?

The program is right for the business owner who wants to build their business profile online and reach as many prospects as possible. The program is suitable for product or service based business. The program is written to be undertaken by the business owner. As an outcome of the program the business owner will feel confident they have created consistency and visibility online. The business owner will then have the ability to continue maintaining their presence or appoint a social media manager, because they will know exactly what they need.

Who isn’t right for this program?

If you are not familiar with the internet or have very few computer skills this program is not for you. It will be assumed that every participant has basic computer skills and is capable of moving around the internet. However you do not need graphic design or any other specific computer skills.

Can I pay the program off?

Yes. We have a payment plan which enables you to invest in your business in monthly instalments.

Where will face to face training be conducted?

All face to face training will be in Wollongong. Venue yet to be confirmed and participants will be advised well before commencement.

What dates are the face to face training?

stand out dates

(Dates are subject to change)

Is attendance required at all face to face training?

Your attendance and participation is critical to ensure you get maximum benefit from the program. However, if it is unavoidable and you cannot attend a particular day of the training we will provide a copy of the workbook.


If we’ve answered your question and you’re ready to book in now please do so below. However if you still have questions please contact us on or 1300 MAYVIN.

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