WordPress Templates – The Simple Way To Revamp Your Website

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  • May 5, 2015
choosing a wordpress template

In today’s highly competitive environment, where the consumer is researching long before making a purchase, there is nothing more important to small business than having a professional online presence.

The number 1 priority – a website.

The challenge for many small businesses is the ongoing expense they incur, just to keep the website up and running.

How can a small business avoid paying exorbitant ongoing fees? By using THE MOST POPULAR open source content management system available. WordPress.

The best thing about WordPress is the flexibility and capacity to grow and change your website with your business. In addition, you can make changes as you need to, to adapt to Google changes like the recent release regarding mobile-friendly websites.


So how do you use WordPress to create your website?


Here are 8 basic steps to launch your WordPress website.

1. Purchase your domain name and hosting

2. Install WordPress (very easy via Cpanel)

3. Log in to WordPress

4. Upload your theme

5. Customise your theme

6. Create your pages and structure your menus

7. Add content to your pages

8. Launch


Where do you find a theme?


We recommend Template Monster. They have a large selection of templates available. When you get to their website, search Responsive WordPress and browse through the templates. You can view a live demo of themes you like and when you find the one that meets your needs, buy it.


What should I look for in a template?


Your template will be customisable. You will be able to upload your own logo, change colours, maybe fonts. You can add your own images and customise the pages and menus.

What you can’t change, without coding and a developer, is the layout. However,¬†you can generally turn sections on or off.


Please note: the link to Template Monster is an affiliate link.

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